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January 23 2013

December 20 2012

Details about upcoming digital EP; Deceiver.
Title track Deceiver, Distant Spheres and Wither Away are the 3 brand new songs will be in the Ep. Deceiver also contains a surprise name; Niclas Engelin!

Deceiver was written by Niclas Engelin of In Flames and Engel (except vocals, lyrics, keys and the melody on the break) for us as a result of our great relationship.


December 18 2012

We are proud to announce that we struck a deal with American Sliptrick Records!

An exclusive digital EP is due to be released in the following days to be followed by the full length album. Stay tuned, more details will follow shortly.


May 16 2012
We decided to work with Thomas Eberger (Katatonia, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Insense) from Stockholm Mastering for mastering duty.


May 01 2012

After an amazing recording session, having great times with such a good friends and brothers, we are going back to home.


April 30 2012

Final mixing is done just a few minutes ago. Result beyond our imagination!


April 16 2012

Vocal setup done and tape will roll!


April 16 2012

Emrah and Kerem going back to Sweden tomorrow for unfinished task!


February 23 2012

After 3 weeks of intense work, we finished the drums, guitars and editing. Due to some problems with the throat of Emrah, unfortunately we had to postponed vocal recordings. It means we will back to Dugout soon! Time to go home.


January 23 2012

PBP has arrived to Dugout. 3 weeks journey begins!


January 16 2012

Bass recording are done! We are heading to Sweden in 3 days time. We will be at Dugout on 23rd for create some nasty noises!


January 13 2012

First update for the new album;
We have just started to record bass guitars on our own studio due to Emre cant join us in Sweden for some personal excuses.


January 04 2012

New Album Details: Hi fans and friends,

This is our first post for 2012 and we wish all of you happy new year again.

We would like to announce some details about our upcoming album;

Recording will start on 23rd of January and gonna take 3 weeks if everything would be fine as we planned.

We are very proud and happy to tell you that we gonna work with Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Dimmu Borgir the names just a few) as producer which is a “first” for the band history to work with a producer.

The album will be recorded at his own studio, Dugout, in Uppsala and also featured with a surprise name!

We will keep you posted with updates.




July 07 2011

Hi fans and friends,

This is our first announcement as Pitch Black Process. We made a hard decision due to some conflict and confusion we have been faced at abroad and net, and left our 12 years old name behind.

Thanks all of you who support us from the beginning and thanks to you all who support us with their messages /comments at the ending period of Affliction.

It's kinda fresh start for us and  we are very excited about new era! See you all with some good news and new materials soon.

Welcome to Pitch Black Process!